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Annually, the US Soybean Research Collaborative hosts the Soybean Forum & Think Tank where we collaboratively work towards discussing and prioritizing needs, information and opportunities for future research. This event brings together players across the value chain including farmer leaders, public and private researchers, agribusiness professionals, and federal agency representatives. This diverse cross section of participants fosters a broad exchange of information and perspectives. And while no one is an expert at everything, collectively the comprehensive value chain view helps bridge the gap between soybean supply and demand. 

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This year we will focus on ‘Transparency and Traceability: Opportunities for Soy’. We will work as a group to explore soybean research opportunities, potential solutions, and challenges in the traceability/transparency space. Guest speakers will help examine this from various angles including sustainability, technology, and data with the goal of providing participants with unique insight into the views and initiatives of various segments of the industry.

We encourage representatives from across the value chain to participate. Our ask is that you come willing to be creative, share new ideas, explore unconventional approaches, and seek a broader perspective of understanding.

For registration info, please reach out to Katherine Drake Stowe.



2022 Event

The 2022 Think Tank provided even more collaborative direction for the organization. Take a look at the agenda, here. Or, read the executive summary, here. The theme of the 2022 event was ‘Moving from Opportunities to Innovation’ and the key goal was to examine soybean research opportunities and solutions that span the value chain – breaking down some of the traditional bins and silos between “production research” and “new uses research”. Four areas that addressed “new” or “emerging” opportunities for soybeans were discussed. The primary goal of this meeting was to identify trends, challenges, and opportunities for each of the topics addressed and then move from opportunities to specific strategies that could be explored by the US Soybean Research Collaborative and other groups as prospects for future research. 

Read about the strategies captured from participants at the event here.

2022 Think Tank Agenda

2022 Think Tank Executive Summary

2021 Event

The inaugural Soybean Research Forum & Think Tank in August 2021 generated a lot of food for thought on production issues, communication across the value chain and improving collaboration across entities and disciplines.

2021 Think Tank Agenda

2021 Think Tank Summary