U.S. Soybean Research CollaborativE

Working to drive U.S. soybean farmer resiliency and end user value, The U.S. Soybean Research Collaborative (USSRC) is a soybean checkoff-sponsored partnership with the purpose of bringing more collaboration to soybean checkoff research.

Building farmer resiliency through INNOVATIVE discovery

By bridging awareness and insight sharing across teams invested in soybean research and discovery, USSRC champions the U.S. soybean farmer. A think-tank-esque model of open colloboration ensures ROI for every soybean research dollar.


The U.S. Soybean Research Collaborative is a unique model of open collaboration that helps extend current investments for more impactful outcomes. USSRC exists to advance coordination, collaboration, and communication among organizations focused on soybean research and to foster a broad value chain view to help bridge the gap between soybean supply and demand.


USSRC brings together soybean checkoff programs to find novel solutions to soybean production and marketing. These organizations recognize the idea of greater collaboration across the soybean research space is a ripe opportunity to leverage individual resources.

Intended impacts

Through a coordinated approach, the USSRC will provide partners the opportunity and platform to complement and extend the efforts of our existing organizations for more impactful outcomes. Together, we will be positioned to meet the changing needs of the soybean industry and to take advantage of new opportunities. Our work is intended to meet four primary goals:


Help partners be more strategic in prioritizing and spending soybean research dollars by better understanding what other checkoff groups and industry partners are doing.


Provide information and the platform for partners to further collaborate with each other on projects and grant opportunities.


Bring soy partners together to think broadly about the future, and better communicate needs and opportunities up and down the value chain.


Foster a broad industry and value chain view for soybean research opportunities that move beyond traditional production research to expand markets and drive profitability.